The SKEW_R-H is a variation on the race focused SKEW_R platform, retaining the great flying characteristics of a lightweight stretch plus but adding the ability to carry a HD camera and GPS for fast freestyle or longer range flying.

With a larger baseplate, carrying bigger batteries isn’t an issue (and the bottom mount design means the only limitation on pack size is what your motor/prop combo can lift!)


Unlike the fixed mount of the SKEW_R, the camera mount of the SKEW_R-H is adjustable. The standard GoPro Session mount is 40 degrees, making it a versatile HD equipped racer or fast freestyle quad with no props in view.


For longer range excursions or an added safety net, the canopy includes an integrated mount for a Matek M8Q GPS/Compass module. The 7” version is an ideal platform for extended flying time – with 6mm thick arms it’s incredibly rigid for its weight, and paired with 2507 or larger motors and a big lipo it has the endurance for fast chasing or just exploring the countryside.

  • Size

    240x185mm (5")

    300x240mm (7")

    Motor Mounts 16mm
    Stack Size 30.5mm
    Stack Height 20mm
    Thickness 2.5mm body, 5mm arms (5") / 6mm arms (7")
    Camera Size  Micro (19mm)