The SKEW_R takes the geometry of the Morningstar, but in a lighter, easier to work on package for race day madness.


Being a stretch plus, it corners spectacularly. Maintenanceon race day is a breeze too - the arms line up with the respective corners of a 4-in-1 ESC board, and arms can be swapped out with just 2 screws. 3D printed spacers for the ESC also cover the sharp edges of the carbon - no more snapped battery straps means fewer DNFs.


It's sized for full size components, both stack and FPV camera. Motor bolt spacing is 16mm, so most modern 22xx and 23xx motors should work fine.

  • Size

    240x185mm (5")

    Motor Mounts 16mm
    Stack Size 30.5mm
    Stack Height 20mm
    Thickness 2.5mm body, 5mm arms
    Camera Size Foxeer Predator Mini with Full Size Adaptor