The Morningstar is an oddity of a race frame – if you’re looking for something low maintenance that flies like it’s on rails, this could be the perfect build for you.


The frame is as simple as they come, consisting of a baseplate cut in 12mm HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene if you want to get technical) with a pod printed in TPU. The layout is a 185mm x 240mm stretch plus, which combined with the bottom mount layout gives a frame that turns as fast as you can think, with superb tracking on smooth lines too.


The pod aerodynamically blends into the baseplate, and has integrated notches to hold a full size FPV camera at 30 or 45 degrees. The enclosed nature of the pod along with the motor protection from the baseplate result in builds which are exceptionally reliable, helping make race day a much more painless experience.


The Morningstar has room for a 2 board stack, and is designed to take a 4-in-1 ESC. As an example, the Racerstar REV35A is a perfect fit, but please check the size if there’s any doubt (full size electronics bay diagram can be found in the Downloads section and printed for reference).

  • Size 240x185mm
    Motor Mounts 16mm
    Stack Size 30.5mm
    Stack Height ~25mm depending on components
    Thickness 12mm baseplate
    Camera Size Full size 28mm (Runcam Swift/Foxeer Arrow)