The Kittiwake is a twist on a classic - bringing the venerable deadcat layout bang up to date for the pilots of today.


35mm of stack height leaves loads of room for components, with room for a full size FPV camera up front. The arms are cut from 5mm carbon, and everything else is 2.5mm, making it a frame that can take some serious punishment.


There’s plenty of room up top for a range of LiPo sizes – with 6” props it’ll haul a 2200mAh 4S pack and a HD camera for ages if you fly efficiently, or absolutely scream if you give it some on the throttle!


The Kittiwake is available with a choice of Freestyle arms for ultimate durability, or Race arms for hitting the track or long range adventuring.

  • Size (Diagonal)

    264mm (5.5")

    274mm (6")

    323mm (7")

    Motor Mounts 16-19mm
    Stack Size 30.5mm
    Stack Height 35mm
    Thickness 2.5mm body, 5mm arms
    Camera Size Full size (28mm)