The Kittilyt is designed to change the way you think about what a deadcat frame can do.


Built out of 2.5mm carbon with 5mm arms for durability.


The front cage offers complete protection for a full size FPV camera, also incorporating a 30 degree platform for mounting a HD camera.


20mm of stack height leaves room for a full size 2 board stack, with plenty of room for FPV gear too. The extended top plate tail also gives plenty of options for antenna mounting.


The Kittilyt is available with a choice of Freestyle arms for ultimate durability, or Race arms for hitting the track or long range adventuring. Given the low stack height puts the LiPo in line with the props, we recommend sizing down on props compared to the Kittiwake (5” props on 5.5” arms fly like a dream).


Files for 3D printed accessories can be found on the Downloads page.

  • Size (Diagonal)

    264mm (5.5")

    274mm (6")

    323mm (7")

    Motor Mounts 16-19mm
    Stack Size 30.5mm
    Stack Height 20mm
    Thickness 2.5mm body, 5mm arms
    Camera Size Full size (28mm)