The Hoverfly is a pocket size cinewhoop style quad, designed to get shots that wouldn't be possible with a larger quad. Possible to be built to sub 250g AUW with a GoPro Session and LiPo, it's a great choice for proximity flying, especially for higher risk shots close to people or things you really don't want to damage!


The HDPE propguard is durable and offers a lot of shock absorption in impacts, and even if it does get bent it can easily be pushed back into shape by hand, and thick 2.5mm carbon top and baseplates make for a tough frame that can take the abuse of a day of shooting.


The top plate of the Hoverfly offers a lot of mounting options - new frames will come with preinstalled M3 press nuts to make accessorising easier, though 3mm through holes as seen in the photos above can be offered on request.

  • Size (diagonal) 105mm 
    Motor Mounts 9mm
    Stack Size 20mm
    Stack Height 22mm

    2.5mm top and bottom plates

    12mm HMWPE propguard

    Camera Size Micro (19mm)