The Goshawk didn't work out, but I was still keen on making a cinewhoop - looking back at the Flapjack, I decided to start over with that as a base.

To keep it as compact as possible, I decided to use 2.5" props. The original design used ducts like the Goshawk, but I couldn't get a clean print and realised at the size I was working with I might be better off with a lighter weight milled HDPE guard as the net thrust gain from ducts may not be enough to offset the weight increase.

The top plate is drilled with an absolute ton of holes for mounting stuff to - in retrospect, a top plate fitted with a load of M3 press nuts makes more sense to make accessorising easier, and is what is offered on production frames.

Build was a challenge - the Mamba FC has a long row of tiny pads to solder to, took some delicate work. Since the wires for the VTX and camera go through the top plate, they had to be soldered to the FC in place attached to the top plate and 3D printed mount, a little awkward. Better component choice would make it a far easier build though.

Wasn't trying to hit any particular weight at the time (and designed this to mainly run on 4S), but it comes in at 245g with GoPro and a 450mAh 3S lipo - good result.

The Hoverfly is available to order here.