Been flying heavy quads for ages, since building a lighter race quad I figured, hey, why not build a lightweight freestyle quad too? I don't tend to crash hard, don't fly bandos much, and less mass to drag around would be nice. After designing my cinewhoop with asymmetric arms, I realised I could take the same structure and use it in an X frame no bother - so this was the first hybrid X miniquad frame I designed after a couple of years of deadcats and stretch pluses.

Frame design was straightforward using what I'd learned during the SKEW_R Mk2 and Goshawk builds. What took the longest, literally as long as everything else combined, was surprisingly the GoPro mount. Originally I went with a full session sleeve, but it didn't gel aesthetically with the rest of the minimal looking frame, and it only mounted with 2 screws at the front which would be horrific from a jello point of view. In the end I opted for a couch style mount which looks much more appropriate. Frame weight is 102g, build dry without GoPro is 349g.

With the frame built, the build actually ended up being a total budget build. The motors are rebranded DYS Sun Fun 2207s, and everything else is cheap but dependable. Only issue I ran into was keeping the pigtail out of the props, in the end I printed a little buffer to fit the standoff and cable tie the cable to - this keeps the pigtail away from the carbon to prevent chafing and eventual shorts.

Maiden flight was in less than ideal conditions - whilst it flew OK, I wasn't totally happy with its characteristics (possibly after so long flying much less "compact" layouts) - the project wasn't taken any further, and instead I started over at a later date on what became the SKEW_R-H